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"Quality Solar Solutions"

Camper Trailer

Our range of folding panel systems are perfect for those with campers wanting to keep their battery system charged. Our panels are of high quality and are of sturdy construction. All kits come with panel, carry bag, cable, Water proof LCD regulator and connectors.

Vehicle Solar Systems

We can supply a full range of Fixed, Flexi and Folding panel systems for all vehicle types from 10W to 200W single panel. All of our panels can be coupled together to increase power output. Both fiberglass and aluminium mounts are available for RV mounting.

Marine Solar Sysytems

Our range of Solar Panels are made from quality materials.


We offer a range of flat panels from 10Watts to 160Watts and Folding Solar Panel Kits from 20Watts to 200Watts.


New to our range is our Semi Flexible Solar Panels. These 3mm thick solar panels are widely used in the marine industry for charging 12V batteries. Installation of the panel can be done permanently by using an adhesive to stick the panel down. The mounting surface does not have to be completely flat as the panel is able to curve in a semi flexible manner to adhere to most surfaces.

RV and Motor Home Systems

We offer a great range of systems for Motor homes and RV vehicles. To make installation easier for the DIY person we can supply complete packages including panels, cable, terminals, regulators etc to do your install.

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Power Consumption verses Required PV Array.

So you are in the market for a solar system but you are not sure how much PV Array you will require. By downloading our Battery - Solar - Calculator you can evaluate how much power you might consume in a 24hr period and it will give you a recomendation on the PV system (size) you would require to ensure your battery system is full when the sun goes down at night.


Please remember that our calculator is just that, a calculator. It is only intended to help and offer estimated comsumption and possible PV Array options.


If you would like to speak with us, please click the link at the top and we will endevour to help you out.

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