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The Quattro HID driving light

The Quattro Elite H.I.D Xenon driving light is an Australian designed and assembled lamp, which is manufactured from the very latest high tech, composite materials.  They feature a die-cast aluminium free form reflector, which acts as a heat sink , ensuring maximum bulb life. 
The design team have researched the very best features required in a driving light and have combined it into one ultimate lamp.
The Quattro Elites feature a multi-volt internal ballast and a heavy duty, easy adjust mounting bracket which supports 1/3 of the lamp body. This lamp has proven itself in the Australian market and is manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

All Quattro Elites come complete with clear polycarbonate lens covers.

Quattro Alloy 170 & 220


The brilliant mounting system makes these lamps low profile enabling them to be fitted on those hard to fit bull bars.
Their die-cast alloy body and polycarbonate lens cover makes them extremely durable and perfect for use in harsh environments.
The Quattro Alloy 1700 is available in 35W, 55W & 70W H.I.D Xenon option. They come with the ballast mounted internally and feature plug and play waterproof connections.

All 70W Alloys come standard with a chrome rim.
All Quattro H.I.D Xenon lamps come with 1 complete wiring harness FREE with every pair of lamps.



Their die-cast alloy body and polycarbonate lens cover makes them extremely durable and perfect for use in harsh environments.
The Quattro Alloy 2200 are available in 35W, 55W & 70W H.I.D Xenon options. They come with the ballast mounted internally and with plug and play waterproof

All 70W Alloy lamps come standard with chrome rims.
All Quattro Alloy H.I.D Xenon lamps come with 1 complete wiring harness with every pair of lamps.

LED Light Bars

The TORNADO Light Bars are avaliable with 6, 10, 12, 18 & 26 LED's. This therefore caters for a huge range of applications. Their Die Cast Alloy housing & polycarbonte lens make these tough, low profile light bars excellent for the harsh Australian conditions. They feature combo optices providing you with a huge spread of light from the outer optics and long distance from the inner optics.

The Tornado now comes with 2 mounting options. Side mounts & base mounts. The mounting feet on the bottom of the lamp are able to slide nearly the full length of the bar allowing the bar to be fitted to current mounting holes, whereas the side mounts are perfect for those who require more adjustment.

They feature a 3 year warranty and Ultra Vision also sells Anti-Theft Nuts for these bars, for complete peace of mind.

The Nitro 120 Maxx LED Driving Light

Awesome performance from Australia's most advanced driving light.

Built in Australia, the new 230mm Nitro 120 Maxx delivers more than any other light in its class. The new design provides an excellent alternative to the ARB Intensity, Lightforce LED 215 and the Great White 220. Utilizing a robust, high-pressure diecast aluminium housing and high-impact polycarbonate lens, the Nitro 120 is designed to sustain the harshest environments.  The stainless steel mounting system makes adjustment simple, but able to withstand high levels of vibration.
The unique Reflex optic, in conjunction with 120W of focused power, gives 1000m of functional light.  A spread beam option is also available giving even greater width. 
Using Cree LED's in conjunction with sophisticated electronic thermal management ensures the Nitro 120 will stand the test of time, supported by a 5 year warranty.

  •  Made in Australia - Designed and built for some of the toughest environments on earth.

  •  Reflex Optic - This unique reflector delivers increased light output, achieving huge distance with excellent spread

  •  5 Year Warranty - Peace of mind

  •  Complete package - Each pair of lights is supplied with a wiring harness, anti-theft nuts and clear lens covers 

Nitro 180 LED Driving light

Engineered & Built in Australia the 80W NITRO LED driving  lamp utilizes 8 x 10W Cree USA Hi-output LEDs producing over 8230 raw lumens per Lamp. 
The 80W Nitro Driving lamp utilizes the very latest in drivers & circuitry. This includes ETM (Electronic Thermal Management) enabling the electronics in the lamp to automatically dim the L.E.D's if the housing reaches 80 Degrees C or higher preventing failure of the L.E.D's.

The 80W Nitro is available in 3 options. Full black housing, full chrome housing or black rear housing with chrome front rim. With REFLEX optics this lamp produces a very long range high power beam with very large spread.

All Nitro lamps come complete with easy adjust mounting bracket & clear lens covers.

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